About Us

The main theme of the restaurant was a friendly casual hangout, serving good food with a very friendly service. Customers were treated like friends and through word of mouth, the place became popular over time.

You can find us in a free map (Ladybird) distributed at the two entry points into Langkawi. Artisans Pizza became popular due to the internet and was even listed in two Travel Guide Books, namely Le Routarde (French) and the Lonely Planet (South East Asia Edition).We also are one of the tops restaurant listed in www.tripadvisor.com.my.

In 2011, one of our outlet which was in Pekan Rabu, Kuah Town was listed as a 'Grade A' restaurant by the Kementerian Kesihatan(Health Department), Malaysia to reflect the seriousness we take in maintaining the general cleanliness and arrangement of our restaurants.

The third outlet at Perdana Quay, Pantai Kok was in operation since 2012 and with this outlet most of the Langkawi Island was covered.

Since long ago, we are the first pizza restaurant in Langkawi which provides free delivery services. The three outlets have a designated area surrounding them to provide the free services.

Keeping the futuimagere in mind and responding to the needs of our customers, in 2013 North Indian styled food was introduced at the Artisans Pizza, Kuah. The reasonably priced and great tasting food, received raving comments and this has encouraged us to keep this option for future expansion programs.

Furthermore, due to our popular requests from beloved customers, we have come out with new expansion programs; our very own PIZZA TRUCK which we called it as Artisans Go Slices! This new invention is very special and most importantly very affordable to all customers because it only costs you RM4 per slice! 'Just Grab and Go' is the concept that we are using for our pizza truck.

Its cheap, easy to eat and faster to grab!

Nevertheless, Artisans Pizza has its roots due to the passion the owners had for serving good food at reasonable prices and with a friendly service and steps are always taken to ensure this is being followed.